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We make premium quality LED neon signs

At My Perfect Neon, we delight in creating beautiful and unique LED neon signs that say so much more than the words on them. We specialise in designing and making custom made neon signs, personalised signs that feature your name or favourite phrase, bespoke signs for weddings and special events, luxury interior neon signs for every room in your house, home or garden bar and QR coded neon signs that play your favourite song. We are also the only company in the world that makes and sells TfL neon signs. We are the go-to neon sign manufacturer for bars, pubs and restaurants throughout the UK and have been featured in OK Magazine. What is special about My Perfect Neon is we don’t just sell you a sign, we take time to listen to your story and to work with you to create your perfect neon.

Who we are

Your perfect neon sign might be a recreation of the handwriting of a lost loved-one to evoke happy memories.  It might be a family name neon sign that re-creates a family catch-phrase and includes a family picture. Maybe your want your perfect neon sign to glow-up a garden bar or games room, to brighten up a dull interior wall or to make your business-logo really pop.

Family run, independent and British

Not only are we a 100% family run, independent British company, My Perfect Neon is much more than an off-the-shelf add-to-basket online store. We offer a premium, bespoke and personalised design service; our prices are highly competitive, and we guarantee impeccable service and quality and superb after-sales.

Statement pieces of art

Neon signs are statement pieces of art; the glow they emit is gorgeous and creates an ambiance whatever your vibe. Whether it’s: let’s stay home, party-on, kitchen disco, funking up your work zone or office; our neon signs ensure you get you glow on! Neon LED signs are an investment – so investing time getting the neon sign 100% right will ensure you have a sign you’ll love for many years.

Bespoke design service

This is where My Perfect Neon’s bespoke design service stands-out from the crowd of online neon sign retailers – we do more than just sell you a sign, we work with you to create your perfect neon.

Emma’s Story

Hi, I’m Emma Brambell. I’m the Founder of My Perfect Neon. My journey towards starting and running my own business began nearly three decades ago when I was an army wife. My husband, David, and I spent 21 years married and in the Army, and in that time, we lived in very nearly 20 houses. None of them was our house and (obvs) we weren’t in them for very long! I learnt, very quickly, the importance of making each of those (pretty bland) houses a home for our family. Having beautiful things on the wall, especially when they hold a genuine personal meaning and significance for you, is perhaps the most impactful thing you can do to make a house a home.

Jump forward to 2021 when I left my career as a teacher, moved back to Warwickshire with my husband, three grown up kids and now two Labradors, to help look after my mum who had dementia. I designed a neon sign to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary. I posted a picture of my husband and I standing under the sign at our party on social media and was inundated with enquiries. My Perfect Neon was born and continues to go from strength to strength.

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