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To The Moon And Back Premium Neon Sign (Made in Britain)


Measurements: 156.5cm wide x 22.7cm high

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I love you to the moon and back.  It’s such an evocative phrase.  It means your love is boundless, unconditional, everlasting, will weather whatever storm life throws at you.  It’s been epitomised in so many ways: songs, poetry, books – the list is endless.

Different interpretations of “I love you to the moon and back” have emerged over time, and it carries great significance to many generations. Generally speaking, the phrase is a simplified expression of immense love and affection. Because of the significant distance from the Earth to the moon, this saying illustrates how powerful and far-reaching love can be.  Additionally, the moon has long been regarded as a symbol of life, eternity, and love. It is typically the largest celestial object we can see in the night sky, and its shimmering light serves as a reminder of our connection to the universe. The moon may also symbolise the different phases of life and love—the waxing and waning, and the ebbs and flows.

In many cultures, the moon has been associated with femininity and fertility through a connection to the mother goddesses of ancient mythology. Thus the phrase has an additional layer of power, as the mother goddesses in ancient civilisations were thought to have special powers of protection and healing.

We love this phrase and have recreated it in many ways in neon.  This version is superb.  It is all LED neon, designed with a lovely scripty font and mounted on a 10 mm thick clear acrylic board which we cut to shape.  The sign is mounted on a wall using invisible fixings so you can’t see any screws, nuts or bolts.  The sign does seem to ‘float’ on your wall.  It’s gorgeous.  Available in any colour neon you like, handmade, from scratch, here in the UK and delivered to you within approximately 7 to 10 working days.


What’s included:

Delivery to a UK Zone A mainland address, dimmer switch so you can dim the light if you wish, 2m power cord, adapter and UK plug, 12 months manufacturing warranty, and, of course, our love.

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